Ginger is about technical disciplines based on empirical study and field experience. Ginger’s multidisciplinarity isn’t just a value, it’s a reality. All current professions play a part in creating technical excellence. Prescription engineering is supported by a technical presence at all levels: sample, analysis diagnosis and recommendation.


For Ginger, it’s in our DNA to respond to your needs and provide a customized response as quickly as possible. In order to be closer to our clients, the Group has a network of 80 branches in Mainland France, Overseas France and internationally. In total, 2,000 employees are available to assist you with your projects.


Since 1933, the Group has developed and expanded its expertise. Over 80 years of practice have built a leader with strong fundamentals in prescription engineering, to offer more innovative solutions to today’s clients. Our eighty years of history have forged strength and expertise in the technical and regulatory knowledge so essential to your projects.


Safety is top priority at Ginger. Our studies and operations follow rigorous procedural frameworks to guarantee safety across the board. Group teams are sensitized, trained and accepted on all types of operations. Ginger is actively involved in standards development to prevent specific risks.

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