Existing materials and structures

Engineering of Existing Materials and Structures as a Sustainable Solution

Like all material assets, buildings and structures are affected by the environment. Harsh conditions, structural stress and quality of materials affect structural ageing.

Monitoring to prevent potential disorders, diagnosis to treat any pathology or for planning projects, laboratory analysis or in situ testing to ensure the quality of formulation of materials, ensuring the end of life cycle for a structure. This is where the Ginger Group helps you manage your assets.

Support sustainable buildings and structures

From the simplest of projects to the most complex, Ginger supports all your projects with a broad range of services.

Our solutions:

  • Materials study
  • Works and structure diagnosis
  • Repair works
  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Deconstruction and demolition

Structures studied:

  • Buildings
  • Civil engineering
  • Historical monument
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial

Along with expertise on existing structures, the Ginger Group has comprehensive knowledge of construction equipment and materials. With their network of 50 analytical laboratories, Ginger processes materials to trace their chemical formation, test their physical performance, and detects possible pathologies for corrective technical recommendations.

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