Water engineering

Water engineering: A worldwide challenge

Water is a major issue of the 21st century and a worldwide concern. While long considered an issue faced primarily by developing countries, water-related issues affect all continents: access to water, pollution, threats to marine or aquatic biodiversity, risk of flooding, development of hydraulic structures.

Ginger, international player in water engineering

Water engineering is essential to States, cities, territories as well as industries and businesses. It involves a number of professions and trades to solve all difficulties and complete your projects. The Ginger Group provides a broad range of services and missions related to river, rain, groundwater and surface water.

Our solutions:

  • Hydrogeology
  • Geothermal energy
  • Water resources management
  • River management
  • Rainwater sanitation
  • Flood risks

With decades of international experience and expertise, Ginger has mastered all operational constraints in order to meet your needs and expectations The Ginger Group operates on technical missions worldwide and devotes part of its research and development to applications dedicated to water engineering.

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