Ginger, your prescription engineer

Leader in prescription engineering in France, the Ginger Group has forged its approach through experimental and empirical sciences, principally based on realities in the field. Through its technical studies, Ginger works at the core of your projects with a three-pronged mission:

  • Secure your projects and structures
  • Incorporate the environmental context of your projects
  • Improve sustainability of your projects and structures

Ginger Group’s expertise serves all players in construction, planning and sustainable development:

Unique value chain

The Ginger Group employs 2,300 people who work daily to ensure the success of your projects. With over 80 areas of expertise, the group’s unique value chain exemplifies the Ginger difference. To guarantee impartiality and responsiveness in the study process, the Group has its own field investigation equipment and laboratory analysis facilities.

Multidisciplinary expertise

Ginger has cultivated multidisciplinary skills and trades, in order to provide its customers with fully integrated solutions. The Group strives for technical excellence through a diversified, complementary and controlled range of services. To meet the most demanding needs and the challenges of the future, Ginger has put research and innovation at the core of its development strategy.

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